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Let's bring ideas of what we think of a place is...

e.g., supermarket, kitchen, a basketball field,

a garden, a street, a deli store, an office, a room


Lets start with our first sound diary activity.

Write a couple of sentences recording

the first sounds you remember

from your own childhood.


Night Walk for Edinburgh


*Below is a sketching activity that will help you choose a specific environment.

Your place/environment should reflect/express who you are, your social,

cultural background,and identity in certain ways.

Sound Diary Activity

1.  What does the environment mean to you?

2.  What kind of environment do you spend most of your time in? Is it a specific place?

3.  What does this environment or place represent, and what does it look like?

4.  Can you notice and render in your sound diary (notebook/sketchbook) both natural places (landscape and nature) and constructed ones (streets, towns, buildings).

5.  What are the boundaries of this place/space/environment?

1. How would you describe the texture of the air, a form of the earth (ground, floor)?

2. How would you describe the lay of the land?  (Rolling, flat, carpets, asphalt, etc.)

3. How would you describe the colors, buildings, items, objects/furniture of this place?

4. Have you observed what the weather of this place is like (sunshine, clouds, rains, storms, wind)?

5. Can you specify the prevalent type of items?

6. If it is a natural place- what are the trees, bushes, and flowers like?

7. If constructed- what are the basic layout of this place-- grid, concentric, etc. streets-- width, names; shops-- names types; the town hall, library, schools; restaurants; churches and temples; museums; house types; pace and atmosphere; street scenes-- bustle, colors; sorts of people--businessmen, hawkers, etc.

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