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Brian Eno

Throughout the 1990s, Eno joined a number of visual artists to provide soundtracks to installation pieces, and in 1995 he worked with Laurie Anderson on Self Storage, a series of installations housed in individual lockers at a London storage facility.


Anderson provided the vocals for a track on Eno’s electronic album Drawn from Life (2000), and Eno followed with a rare vocal album of his own, Another Day on Earth (2005).


He returned to the producer’s chair for Paul Simon’s critically lauded Surprise (2006) and Coldplay’s multi-platinum Viva la Vida (2008).

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‘Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks –


Extended Edition:


Filmed to commemorate the extended edition of ‘Apollo:


Atmospheres & Soundtracks’ and the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing this documentary by Grant Armour features new interviews with Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, and Roger Eno and looks at the making of the ‘Apollo’ album and its 2019 counterpart ‘For All Mankind’.



Director/Producer/Editor: Grant Armour

Executive Producer: Bradley Steptoe

DOP: Daniel Jurzyna

Interviewers: Clive Martin / Jamie Taete / Grant Armour Camera Operators: Tyler Macey / Matthew Goodhue

Lighting: James Heylar

Sound Recordist: Daniel Jurzyna

Colorist/On-line Editor: George Dutton

Dubbing Mixer: Ben Sims

Roger and Brian Eno’s creative collaboration ‘Mixing Colours’ continues with seven additional tracks.


Brian Eno and Chilvers have worked together on videos for the album Mixing Colours that distill the album’s essence, marrying the simplicity and contemplative qualities of its soundscapes with suitably uncomplicated, mesmerizing imagery of slowly-changing, dreamlike panoramas.

Whether or not these settings are familiar, their impressionistic character lends them enigmatic anonymity, encouraging the mind to wander into worlds both real and imagined.


“The more you listen to this,” says Roger, “particularly with the fabulous worlds that Brian has created, you can really walk into this enormous landscape and stay.”

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