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Practice of Producing:
Art Making and Sharing Sound Experiences of Our Environment
Producing, Composing Soundscapes

In this module, you will share your experiences of recording and producing the sounds of your surroundings by creating a sound album.


  • You will overview your sound notes and sound sketches from the listening projects and share the stories and experiences of sound from their environments and communities.

  • You will explore further ideas to record the sounds of your surroundings.- rhythm, machine sounds, non-human/human sounds.

  • You will experiment with layering, editing, and looping techniques using Audacity, GarageBand, or Logic Pro.

  • You will arrange the recorded sounds of their environment in the sound-editing software.

  • You will use the recorded sounds of your surroundings to finalize your soundscape compositions.

  • You will create a sound album on SoundCloud and reflect on your understanding of the relationship between self and place.

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