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Sound is an important component in the cultural landscape of our cities, neighborhoods, places, and homes.


Sounds can be commemorative, educational, visionary, and/or aesthetic. 




Tell us a story about your place: about something that happened there (recently or in the past) that you want your audience to know about.

Consider the following for your recording:

What is your story's driving question?

What will the audience remember when your story is over?

What is a story that people don't know about, but should?

What is something you are very curious about and want to know more about?

(ideally this is true for any story you tackle)

What are the other ways to produce and create sounds

(e.g., using our body, hands, lips, surfaces)

  • Say your name, grade and age into the microphone, and then listen back to the recording on the phone or recording device.

  • Come up with one interview question for a group member. Record the question and answer. Then, listen back on the phone or recording device.

  • Come up with two interview questions. While you interview the person, record the conversations. Then listen back.

  • Record TWO sounds that last approximately 10 seconds from around your room/home. Listen back to the recordings on the phone or recording device.

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